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Lambton Rural Child Care is a licensed agency that contracts you to provide child care in your home. We welcome applicants who are Registered Early Childhood Educators, but it isn’t a requirement. However, we do require that you have experience working with children.

Lambton Rural Child Care’s trained staff will ensure you are aware of the required Ministry of Education legislation set out in the Child Care and Early Years Act and the policies and procedures in the Lambton Rural Child Care manual.

The support network offered by LRCC will assist you with this exciting adventure into the field of Home Child Care. With the support of Lambton Rural Child Care, all of the worries of operating your own business become more manageable. All child registration, invoicing and payments are handled at the Administration Office.

Providing care for children of various ages is an exciting and rewarding profession.  By offering high quality licensed care you will be assisting the children in your care with their development in areas such as social, emotional, intellectual and physical skills, and contributing to your family income.

Our Home Child Care Team consists of qualified Registered Early Childhood Educators with the experience and knowledge to assist you with your program needs through regular visits and inspections.

As a Home Child Care Provider with Lambton Rural Child Care, you are always guaranteed payment for your services, including sessions when a child is absent from your program. The payments for services are transferred bi-weekly based on the timesheet you submit. Being with LRCC includes eligibility for the Provincial Home Child Care Enhancement Grant, funded by the Ministry of Education. It includes compensation up to $20.00 per day that you provide care in your home.

You will set your own hours and days of care to meet your individual and/or family needs. Our agency supports you in your adventure as a home childcare provider through resources such as webinars, child care articles and workshops.


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Provider Testimonials

I started as a provider in 1997-1998.

Since I loved kids, and wanted to stay home with our daughters, I thought the income would help. I never imagined I would still be providing care in our home after so many years but I am still enjoying caring and loving the children. The greatest reward is seeing children grow up. I am blessed to be able to keep contact even as they become adults.

I think why I love the in home day cares is because you treat the children as your very own and they become part of your family.

I had one boy who is now in the army asking for me to attend his going away party. He told me that he will never forget the good times he had at our house.
I have one girl, who is like another daughter who keeps in touch and is still part of our family.

There are so many who keep in touch and come to visit. Seeing someone you cared for graduate from high school and go into college to become a nurse and asking for you to attend the ceremony is the most satisfying feeling and one you will never forget.

Being a provider with LRCC has been a great 20 years, there has been challenges, as in any other career but we are fortunate to have such a great agency stand with us and help in every way possible. I would recommend the in home day care for everyone who wants their child to be part of the providers families.

Also, being a provider is a rewarding career that allows moms to stay home with their own children while being able to earn a decent income.


Well, here’s the skinny on being a provider. I’m a registered nurse and I gave up that job to do childcare. I’ve been doing this job for more than 25 years. Much less stress with happy little children who come to me to play and be involved with other children. For me it’s a no brainer!! Lambton Rural Child Care makes it so very easy! They send me the referrals and I accept them if I choose. The parents drop off the kids and pick them up. I don’t even have to leave my house. Lambton Rural deposits my pay in my account. And yes, I think that I am well paid. I set my own hours and I can take holidays whenever I want. The supervisor is always a text or phone call away to answer any questions I might have plus if I ask her to stop by, she’s there. I’m well past retirement age but it hasn’t occurred to me to retire. Why? Because I don’t consider my job as work!! So, if you are looking for something fun and rewarding to do, home child care with Lambton Rural Child Care might just be the thing for you.