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Open Your Home, Open Your Heart

Open your home and your heart to an exciting and rewarding opportunity with Lambton Rural Child Care!

Introducing Lambton Rural Child Care

Lambton Rural Child Care is a licensed agency that contracts you to provide child care in your home. Providing care for children of various ages is an exciting and rewarding profession.

By offering high-quality licensed care you will be assisting the children in your care with their development in areas such as social, emotional, intellectual, and physical skills, and contributing to your family income. The support network offered by LRCC will assist you with this exciting adventure into the field of Home Child Care. With the support of Lambton Rural Child Care, all of the worries of operating your own business become more manageable.

I wanted to stay home with my kids and offering home child care seemed like the perfect option for me. I also experienced first-hand the struggle of finding quality childcare for my own children, so I knew by offering my services, I would be helping other parents in the community who were facing the same challenges. Being able to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children while allowing parents to have peace of mind has been a rewarding experience for me. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of both children and families in our community.

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Add income to your household by taking advantage of numerous opportunities for approved child care providers.

As a home child care provider with Lambton Rural Child Care, you’ll join a growing network of knowledgeable and supportive child care professionals.

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Martina’s dedication to the well-being and development of the children under her care is truly commendable. From the nurturing environment, she creates to the engaging activities she plans, every aspect of Martina’s home daycare radiates warmth and professionalism.

Having struggled to secure trustworthy childcare before finding Martina’s home daycare, we were overjoyed to finally have a safe and enriching place for our little ones to learn and grow. Martina’s commitment to our community is evident in every interaction, and we feel immensely grateful to have such a wonderful resource at our doorstep.

Thanks to Martina’s home daycare, we can go about our daily lives with peace of mind, knowing that our children are in the best possible hands.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be an approved provider if I have a pool?

Yes, if you have a pool on premises you must be in compliance with all of Lambton Rural Child Care’s regulations and local by-laws.

What could I expect my income to be?

Your income will vary depending on your schedule and flexibility. Book a consultation with Lambton Rural Child Care to learn more on potential income.

How flexible are the hours?

You have the flexibility to create your own hours and schedule including days, nights and weekends.

Do I need to be an ECE graduate to become a licensed provider?

We welcome applicants who are Registered Early Childhood Educators, but it isn’t a requirement. We are looking for individuals who have a love for children and looking to provide quality childcare in the own home.

How soon can I expect to open as an approved home child care provider?

Our goal is to have your home open within a month.