Home Child Care Providers who are contract through Lambton rural Child Care to provide home-based child care programs must follow all of the regulations contained within the province’s Child Care and Early Years Act. These provisions cover such areas as health and safety, program quality, nutrition, and police reference checks.

LRCC is committed to the wellbeing of children and has a strong interest in contributing to the dialogue about how childcare programs for children are organized, delivered and regulated throughout the areas we serve. LRCC believes all children in the areas we serve should have equal access to quality care.

Quality home-based care is achieved through the establishment of a minimum set of legislated standards that include but are not limited to: expectations regarding age-appropriate programming; developmentally appropriate supervision practices; minimum safety and health standards; regular inspections and mechanisms for enforcement; fair remuneration for caregivers; and access to professional development and training, education and social support.

Children within our Home Child Care Program enjoy a warm, nurturing family setting in a small multi-age group environment. The program serves children from infancy up to the age of 13. Our homes are located within the Sarnia-Lambton and Chatham-Kent areas.

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